Talk about Trash

Trash and Recycling pickup days for the South End are Tuesday and Friday.  Please note the change that recycling is now also picked up on Friday.

The trash collection pilot which was taking place in the South End is now over.  The area is on regular recycling and trash pickup.

For information about general city trash and recycling services, see the City of Boston website.


Tips and Tricks for Trash and Recycling:


    • Remember trash and recycling are now picked up on both Tuesday and Fridays.
    • Trash and recycling may be put out as early as 9pm the night prior to trash day and must be out no later than 7am on trash day.
    • Proper containers for trash include the following:
      • Plastic trash barrels no larger than 32 gallons; must have a lid and all trash inside must be contained in trash bags
      • Trash bags made of a 0.9 ml thick plastic no larger than 32 gallons
      • Not acceptable: Grocery paper or plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and any other type of container
    • Proper containers for recycling include the following:
      • Big blue recycling wheeled carts issued by the city (call Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 to request one)
      • Clear plastic bags designated for recycling sold at Foodie’s
      • Not acceptable: Grocery paper or plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and any other type of container
      • All cardboard boxes must be broken down and tied up


  • Trash pickers are looking for returnable beverage containers with the $0.05 deposit. To reduce the mess created by picking, consider the following:
      • Return the bottles with deposits to the store
      • Put all of these returnables in a separate small bag so the pickers can just walk away with the bag. You will not be fined for using a plastic Foodie’s or similar type bag for this purpose.
      • If you are not going to recycle, cinch trash bags but leave them untied (so pickers don’t have to rip them) or put trash bags in trash barrels on the curb if you can properly store the barrels in between trash days


  • It is your responsibility as a resident to clean up any loose trash or recycling left in front of your property after pick-up.


  • If you do not have your trash and/or recycling out in time for pickup, you must bring it in and wait for the following pickup day. If you had it out on time and it was missed, call the Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 to report the missed pickup.


  • Call the same Mayor’s Hotline number above to report if a neighbor has placed trash/recycling at curbside outside of the appropriate time window or using improper containers.



To reiterate, all trash and recycling must be bagged and secured in appropriate heavy duty plastic containers, and any trash and recycling left out in the open uncovered or unsecured is subject to ticketing.

For additional trash and recycling information, go to or contact the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Boston Public Works Department (PWD), in cooperation with the South End Public Works Forum, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, and the Code Enforcement Police continue to explore new methods to improve the cleanliness and overall quality of life for the people of the South End.